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For many years Vito has been in search of a personal way to combine two passions: visual art and theatre, working through painting, engraving, video art and of course, performance and acting.

Whilst working as an actor, he studied at the Academia di Belle Arti in Rome, finally graduating in Fine Arts in 2010, having specialized in Painting, then going on to receive a Master’s in Graphic Art in 2012.  Four years later he was awarded his Master’s in the History of Art from La Sapienza University in Rome. All three degrees were awarded magna cum laude.

Vito's art studies explored the work of visual artists from a theatrical or performance perspective: de Chirico's theatrical vision, William Kentridge's eclectic oeuvre and Anselm Keifer's striking stage design for Richard Strauss's Elektra.

In Palermo (Sicily), where he was born, Vito studied, taking courses in drawing, classical and modern dance, mime, singing and acting. In 1993 he gained a place to train as an actor at Luca Ronconi's prestigious Theatre Academy in Turin. Ronconi directed him in Qualcosa di vero dev’esserci based on Pirandello’s meta-theatrical plays. As soon as he had graduated from Ronconi’s Theatre Academy, he won the ‘Gianni Agus Award Prize’ from the National Association of Theatre Critics.

Vito then pursued his career in theatre, television and film, which offered opportunities to work with inspiring figures like director and lighting designer Robert Wilson, Martha Clarke at the NYC Theatre Workshop along with many well-known Italian directors, including Umberto Cantone, Piero Maccarinelli, Mauro Avogadro, Carlo Cecchi, Davide Iodice, Walter Manfrè, Giancarlo Sepe, Andrea Saraceni and Valter Malosti.

He took part in workshops with Judith Malina of Living Theatre and later with Robert Wilson in Gibellina, Sicily. After working on the first workshop on The waste land by T.S. Eliot with Wilson, Vito performed in this and several Wilson’s further productions (T.S.E, 70 Angels for a façade, The G. A. story).

The experience of working with Bob Wilson was literally enlightening: Vito learned  a different way of using one's body and energy on stage, observing in situ the interaction between visual art and theatre.

He worked for five years with Carlo Cecchi, who directed him (among other roles) as Rosenkrantz in Hamlet, Claudio in Measure for measure and Damis in Tartuffe.

With Cecchi he also performed at the 'Festival d’Automne' for the Odeon Theatre in Paris and at the 'Festival El Greco' in Barcelona.

Later on, while working with directors like Davide Iodice and Valter Malosti, he discovered a much more interactive way of creating and developing experimental theatre and performance.

Vito has also worked in movies (Il manosrittto del principe by Roberto Andò, Io ti salverò by Mario Caiano and, as one of the principal leads, in Vi perdono ma inginocchiatevi by Claudio Bonivento) as well as in several long-running television series including Compagni di scuola, Tutti i sogni del mondo as a regular, and as a guest in (among others) Don Matteo.

He also appeared as a series regular in the soap opera Un posto al sole for three years.

In 2006 Vito worked in NYC at the New York Theatre Workshop playing a leading role in Kaos by Martha Clarke.  Working with Clarke greatly helped him to further his personal development as an actor and performer. He was then sponsored by the NY Theatre Workshop, allowing him to continue working in the USA for two more years. Those years in New York played a very important role in enriching Vito's artistic vision.

Currently Vito has been developing his own style working especially with painting. In theatre, in these last years, he has been working with a production of Pirandello's Il Beretto a Sonagli directed by Valter Malosti.

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